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How to Look Like Criss Angel

Are you a fan of Criss Angel? His signature rock 'n' roll goth style is sure to turn heads, and it's not hard to imitate. If you want people to mistake you for Criss Angel, you'll need to grow out your hair, stock your closet with dark clothing and plenty of leather, and get a pair of edgy combat boots. See Step 1 below to get started on your new look.


  1. Have a mixed style of rock n' roll, biker, military, punk, goth, and be nice, Criss is always nice!
  2. Try to have your hair down to your neck and part of your hair covering one eye.
  3. Study the different looks and clothing styles that he has for each season:
    • His Pre-TV style was braided waist length hair, leather pants, trenchcoats, and fishnets. All black. If you're into the hardcore gothic style, this one is for you.
    • His Season One style was shoulder length, scraggly/flippy hair, loose fitting military clothes, workout clothes, tight T-shirts, and combat boots. If you like the camouflage/relaxed style, this is a good one for you.
    • His Season Two style was much more rock 'n roll, as most of what he wore was Affliction brand. Criss's hair was slightly shorter, and he wore lots of jeans and neutral colored shirts with zip-up hoodies. Leather jackets used on party occasions. For the edgy look, try this one.
    • His season Three style is shorter hair, colored with red and blond. Clothing-wise, still much like Season Two, give or take a few shirts. More leather jackets! Criss came back with lots of sparkly jewelry, which really makes you look high class. If you're going for the modern rock fan, this one is yours.
  4. Wear random clothing but try to wear something of someone whose style is punk hardcore or gothic.Don't mix a hardcore piece of clothing with something too soft-core.

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  • Criss is a very down-to-earth person who loves his fans.
  • If you're daring, you could try taking up a north eastern accent and then work your way up to his Long Island dialect.
  • If you're afraid to wear earrings like his, start small and work your way up.
  • Criss likes hardware, such as chains, belt buckles, bling, and rings. Don't overdo yourself on the accents, but use jewelry in a stylish fashion. Mix and match. Invest in a few different rings and bracelets.
  • Eyebrow piercing optional (Early style)
  1. Remember that you can have anything you want in life - fast cars, penthouse suites, beautiful women - if you remember the secret to success: hard work. That's all it takes.
  2. If you are especially daring, try taking on an alternate persona while imitating Criss Angel. For instance, Criss loves to dress up as door-to-door salesman Justin Case and perform parlor magic as part of his sales pitch.
  3. Play the drums. Criss loves to play the drums and sing loud music. He believes in keeping close with his father, and one way he does this is to play the drums that his friend Sully gave him with a picture of his father on the bass drum. Criss feels that by "kicking a beat" on that drum, he is keeping in touch with his father.
  4. Get a Mentor. Criss considers Johnny Thompson to be his greatest mentor. Johnny, also known as "The Great Tomsoni" is a master Las Vegas illusionist.
  5. You need a Posse. Carrot Top, Flavor Flav, Sully, The Amazing get the picture.
  6. Date Hef's discards. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
  7. Learn how to tap into your kinetic energy. Scientists at Yale conducted a study in which they concluded that Criss is only able to levitate across building tops and make cars disappear while driving 80 mph (130 km/h) due to the massive amount of kinetic energy contained within his abdominal muscles.
  8. Use professional magician's assistants that can also help you infiltrate the white trash demographic if necessary.
  9. Develop a flashy name for your fans! Criss calls his The Loyal. The Following, The Constant, The Believing, The Devoted all make great names for your growing fan base.
  10. Pay homage to a dead friend or relative. Criss remembers his uncle who drowned as his car slid off the road into a watery ditch. In a tribute to his uncle, Criss gets locked in a car trunk and then is lowered into a lake. Criss must escape or relive his uncle's final moments.
  11. Remember your roots. Dimitra, J.D, Costa, Cousin George all are featured by Criss on his show. Don't forget where you came from.
  12. Spend your money wisely. Criss advocates a solid investment strategy of spending your money on things that can only go up in value, such as motorcycles and diamond earrings. Other items that will increase in value over time (estimated at 20%-30% gain over 10 years by S&P analysts) are pieces of the building from which Criss escaped during its implosion, along with the broomstick that Criss uses to levitate his mom on when he was younger.
  13. If your marriage is holding you back from being all the magician you know you can be, divorce your wife and look for a quality woman in Vegas.
  14. Need financing to get your career going? Take out a 0K second on your parent's home, you're good for it.
  15. Make time for yourself. Sometimes, when he is stressed out, Criss likes to get all by himself (in a parking lot or the lobby of the Luxor) and levitate. When kinetic energy is expended during a levitation, it takes with it harmful toxins that cause stress.
  16. Give back to the community. Criss has featured several episodes where he uses his talent to give to others who are in need.
  17. Keep your family close, and your enemies closer. Criss has often opined about how some people only watch him to see him fail because they do not believe. Remember to rely on the support of your family and friends to help you during these times.
  18. Love those bunnies. Criss has used bunnies in his magic act, has full size bunnies in his Vegas show, and has dated Playboy bunnies.
  19. Love your youngest fans. As Criss spoke to the Make-A-Wish foundation he said: “This is what real magic is all about -- seeing a child’s face light up and forgetting completely that it may be the last time. The real magic of love and caring is made from the Man upstairs. That’s the gift from God that makes this all so worthwhile. That’s His ultimate magic.”
  20. Know how to take a joke from your peers. Remember that it is you that has a TV show, and funnyman Conan who doesn't.
  21. Faucets that turn on at the wave of a hand, urinals that flush as you walk away. Sounds like your next trip to the restroom is the perfect opportunity to hone your developing Mindfreak skills
  22. Don't be ashamed of your accent. Although Criss' accent has often been mocked as sounding unintelligent and "Neanderthal"-like, in reality it is the haters and unbelievers who are unintelligent.
  23. Keep um guessing!Sandra:Sister, Lover, Magician's Assistant, Friend, Housekeeper? We may never know.....
  24. Constantly reiterate that no camera tricks are involved with any of your illusions. The more you repeat it, the more people will believe it.
  25. Turn your growing fame into a lucrative merchandising empire. Criss' Lil' Mindfreak Magic Set is a huge hit on HSN, no doubt bringing millions into the Sarantakos family coffers.
  26. Figure out the best way to pay homage to your family, so you never forget who helped you get to where you're at. Criss has commissioned Bear from Bear's Choppers to create another "bone"-motorcycle for him. The plan will use his father's ribcage for the gas tank and his uncle's spine will be incorporated into the frame. Dmitria's skull is slated to be used for the headlights when her time comes (likely pretty soon since Criss refuses to stop with his deadly tricks).
  27. Don't be afraid to fail. Criss has failed in many things at life.
    - escaping from the cage while underwater when practicing at the aquarium
    - his first marriage
    - his season 1-2 girlfriend
    - his season 3 girlfriends
    - his season 4-5 girlfriends
    - his relationship with Holly Madison
    - convincing his father to stop smoking
    - convincing his detractors that he truly can levitate
    But Criss always gets back up and uses his failures to grow stronger. Believe. Are you ready?
  28. Know when to speak, and when to be quiet. Although Criss closely follows the financial crisis in Greece, he wisely has not spoken of the situation. A single negative word from Greece's most famous export (except for Baklava) could drive their economy further south.
  29. Know when to go mainstream. Criss developed his unique style to satisfy only himself and a handful of dedicated fans, the Loyal. Only when he saw signs of his fame fading did he decide to become a popcorn pitchman. A brilliant marketing move which elevates the Criss Angel brand. What next...SaranTACOs? Christmas Cookies?
  30. Voraciously defend your online image. Criss is known for making sure the Criss Angel brand is not defaced online through phony informational websites or various petitions. His brother Costa recently took on the role of online-image czar, where he will work with Vegas' best IT professionals to ensure Criss is not defamed.
  31. When the going gets tough, blame your manager. Criss is known to verbally assault and use vulgarities towards his management team. He also lets them “secretly” release recordings of his rant sessions to the media; thereby notifying future managers where they stand in the pecking order.
  32. Keep in touch with your inner child. Despite his success, Criss has always made sure to talk and act like a child. He memorialized this with a statue at Serenity of a child playing in a sprinkler, which he keeps right next to the statue of his adult-likeness being crucified. The sprinkler system is fed with Criss' own blood.
  33. Start an online store but mask it in the illusion of being an entertainment site. Criss has perfected this illusion with "The Magic Place". First you are being entertained by Criss and his friends and then in the blink of an eye you are being sold overpriced playing cards.
  34. Engaged to your long time girl friend? That should not stop you from dating D-list celebrities. Criss is engaged to Sandra, yet continues to be seen with hotties like former Baywatch star Pam Anderson. Be honest, that's one of the main reasons you want to be like Criss!
  35. When your career starts to fade channel your inner Houdini.... Late in his career Criss successfully attempted an impossible straight-jacket escape suspended 75 feet in the air with a 50-pound weight around his neck.
  • Work out! Criss has an amazing body and works hard on it. Focus on upper body (Chest, arms, and abs) and maybe you can pull of some of the tighter, sleeveless shirts he sometimes wears.

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