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Strawberry Shortcake

Nov 17, 2011
Charles Schiller
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Prep Time: 0 hours 45
Total Time: 0 hours 45
package frozen poundcake
1 1/2 tsp. Almond Extract
tub frozen extra-creamy whipped topping
qt plus 1/2 pt strawberries
1/4 c. plus 1 Tbsp strawberry spreadable fruit (All-Fruit)
strawberry ice cream
  1. Coat an 8 x 3 or 9-in. springform pan with nonstick spray.
  2. Cut cake in 1/2-in.-thick slices. Cut slices in half diagonally. Fit about 1/2 the triangles to cover bottom of prepared pan.
  3. Fold extract into topping. Spread 1/2 cup on cake in pan.
  4. Slice 1 qt strawberries into a bowl; stir in 1/4 cup spreadable fruit. Spread 1 cup over topping in pan; freeze 30 minutes until set. Meanwhile, slightly soften 3 1/2 cups ice cream.
  5. Drop spoonfuls softened ice cream on berries, then spread, taking care not mix in the berries. Top with most of remaining cake (set aside some for decoration). Spread with 1/2 cup topping. Spoon berries left in bowl evenly over topping; freeze 1 hour. Meanwhile, refrigerate remaining ice cream to soften.
  6. Spoon on berries; spread to edges. Freeze at least 4 hours.
  7. Slice 1/2 pt berries. Mix with remaining spreadable fruit.
  8. Remove pan sides. Loosen cake from base; slide onto serving plate. Spread 1 cup topping on sides. Spoon rest on top. Top with rest of berries. Cut reserved cake in small triangles; place decoratively on cake. Serve, or wrap airtight and freeze.
  9. To serve: Transfer pie to refrigerator to thaw slightly.

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